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To AI or Not to AI?

From students who need to write term papers to potential authors of epic novels, artificial intelligence (AI) presents a tempting proposition. With very little work, one can go to resources like ChatGPT to generate usable outlines as well as full documents. Content generators can use these sites for just about any type of document—from marketing collateral to blogs, e-books, and white papers.

The question is…should you use AI to write your marketing assets?

Producing Assets Truly Representing Your Expertise
We all know how important it is to produce assets representing your expertise and your unique intellectual property. If a prospect or customer senses any phoniness, or that you are presenting anything that does not genuinely come from your ideas, you will lose that prospect or customer instantly. They won’t trust anything you say.


They may trust you at first and even reach out after reading one of your pieces. But later, if they discern that your expertise does not align with the marketing asset you produced, they will eventually feel a lack of trust. It’s just too much of a risk.


Leveraging AI to Generate Outlines
On the other hand, AI does provide a valuable service you can leverage and still apply your voice and your expertise. And that’s key…many experts with valuable content inside their heads struggle to transform their valuable knowledge into readable content.

The writer’s block they experience is largely caused by the mental effort to go through the “ELT” writing process of extracting, loading, and transforming source data (to borrow from the technical process relied on by database systems). Every writer exerts a lot of mental energy sorting through their thoughts, other assets, and research sources. They also often find it difficult to create an outline for the piece they are trying to create.


A Framework to Guide Your Unique Expertise
And that’s where you can leverage AI. AI does all the heavy lifting and gives you a framework (the outline) of ideas to consider. From there, you can use your expertise to determine what makes sense to keep, what to get rid of, and what new content to bring into the outline.

After all, YOU are the true expert in your domain! Once you have an outline to work from, you usually find that the writing flows more easily. By relying on AI to do the upfront ELT work, you will likely cut your time to produce assets in half. And that writing is truly yours—an original piece with your voice and your specialized knowledge.


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